Looking for your typical social media?  Welp, sorry... You're not going to find that here. Looking for engaging content from a fresh perspective that can sometimes push the envelope? Um hi, we're Hungry Social.

We specialize in chefs, restaurants and bars because, well... we're really good at eating and drinking. What do we do, you ask?  We work with you to develop a social media marketing strategy that will effectively deliver your message in a unique, memorable way. Creative, interactive content, drool-worthy photos, and a solid dose of sass will make your restaurant shine like the freshly-polished, antique cocktail sword in your martini. Our knowledge of food, hospitality, and social media has been acquired over time, but the sass just comes naturally.

We won't swear (unless you give us permission--pretty please?) but we will showcase your restaurant with personality that doesn't put your audience to sleep. Cookie-cutter ain't our style... If you're looking for boring, keep looking. 


Restaurants whose social media we manage have been on the Eater Chicago Heat Map, Chicago Magazine's Hot List, Zagat's list of Hottest New Restaurants in Chicago, Refinery 29's list of Most Instagrammed Restaurants In Chicago (to name a few) countless times. Seriously, countless--we don't want to count them. 

Want to see a list of our clients? It'll cost ya... Just kidding, ask us!