Oh hey, sugarplum. I'm Kara Lichtenstein - owner / operator of Hungry Social. You might know me as Hungry in Chicago, or Hungry for short. Because, you guessed it... I am constantly hungry and I live in Chicago (watch out Einstein).  Before Twitter existed, I used to talk about my insatiable affinity for food a lot. You know... with my voice. Until one glorious day my poor friends & family had had enough and @HungryInChicago was born. Since then, it's kind of been my number one boo. At least until Instagram came along.

Unfortunately for my ass, my life is basically one giant restaurant crawl. A few years ago, I was at a highly acclaimed new restaurant with a bartender whose sourpuss face could put Grumpy Cat's to shame. I tweeted that the bartender needed to "smile, pussycat." Moments later, the owner of the restaurant approached me and asked, "Is he smiling yet?" Aside from spewing my wine across the bar like a power hose (pure sex appeal), "Shit" escaped my lips in what felt like slow motion and it was not a whisper... I was hired two months later to manage social media for their five bars and restaurants.

Since that horrific yet life-changing experience, I've managed a boatload and a half of accounts for restaurants, bars, and businesses across the city. I guess you could say I've found my destiny... My intangible {can YOU touch twitter?}, blood-shot eyed destiny. And I'd love to be a part of yours too.

Hungry In Chicago is me, while Hungry Social is who my mom wants me to be. Perhaps I curse like a sailor, but that Hungry Social is one classy broad... That's the difference. Holler if you're hungry for more.