Collective Effervescence

If you're like us, you enjoy consuming alcoholic beverages "occasionally." We use that term loosely. Very loosely. Feel free to replace it with "daily." Any who, that's neither here nor there... Drinks, yay! We want to let you in on a few secrets. Some spots have rather fantastic beverage deals that you may not know about. Let's change that. Keeping this information to ourselves would be nothing short of selfish. We believe in Collective Effervescence, after all. Let's imbibe together, Chicago. 

Tête Charcuterie: 50% off bottles of wine under $65 {and 25% off bottles over $65} on Wednesdays. Their food is wildly badass too, so this is awesome².

Aberdeen Tap: Before we tell you, you have to promise not to go. If we can't get a table next time, we're gonna be pissed. Whatever...  They have $5 glasses of house wine on Thursdays {if the white stays the same, it's a really nice, dry Gascogne white}. They have several beer deals too, but we like wine so you're on your own.

The Radler: Every Tuesday-Thursday, bottles of wine are half price. Pretzel, sausage, wine, bliss.

Osteria Langhe: Cocktails are half off every Monday. That makes them like $4.50. Our morning lattes are more than that. 

RM Champagne Salon: Every Friday, glasses of rosé are $5 at the bar. #ColorYourBuzzPink all night long.  

Small as this list may be, it carries great weight. {Seriously, straight to the hips...} But unifying and celebrating life with each other over a few drinks is worth it. We're happy to be able to help you save a few pennies along the way. 

*Collective Effervescence is a sociological theory by Émile Durkheim that struck a chord within our President {Kara Lichtenstein} in sociology class in college. It's cool. If you're interested, look it up. 

*In case you didn't notice, we've got you covered Monday thru Friday.

*We obviously missed a few. Feel free to leave them in the comments.