A Spot A Week

As we enter 2015, let's vow to not waste nearly as much time debating where to eat instead of actually eating. Indecisiveness is so 2014. Whether it's date night or you're just looking to have a solid, solo lunch, here's a list of 52 places that we turn to nip the annoying "where to go?" dilemma in the bud. We threw in a few of our favorite items for those who are super indecisive {you might want to work on that}. From casual to refined, king crab to tacos, get ready to eat well on a weekly basis.

mfk. Shrimp with chili oil {simple, succulent}; boquerones with shaved fennel & piquillo peppers on grilled baguette; manchego & speck croquettes {have a make-out session before the garlic aioli hits your lips}; chicken ballotine {at a seafood spot? Whodathunkit!}.

Strings Ramen Shop. Spicy scallop bowl; yakisoba {with extra pork chunks, because that's a thing}; miso ramen {our current favorite}. Hungry Tip: bring your own booze {we like to take advantage every chance we get}. 

La Sardine. Cassoulet {meaty, and we mean MEATY, comfort}; braised oxtail gnocchi; souffle {both the chocolate & lemon-poppy seed with blueberry will make you cry}. Hungry Tip: They have 1/2 off wine on Mondays & a killer $30 prix fixe menu on Tuesdays. 

Osteria Langhe. Coniglio {braised rabbit with pork belly}; plin {la tur stuffed pasta clouds}; panna cotta {better than your grandma's, yea we said it}.  

La Sirena Clandestina. Empanadas {they change daily & they are awesome, daily}; sweetbreads; whole fried fish {the best part? Flip it over and... new fish!} 

Herb. Pork tapioca dumplings; red snapper soup {you can't leave without this}; turmeric chicken. Hell... even their amuse bouche, miang kham, is ridiculous {they automatically give you a second one because everyone asked}. Hungry Tip: it's BYOB. Bring Champagne or a dry white wine {gruner veltliner is perfect}. 

Matchbox. Cocktail of your choice {martinis come with a backup shaker... JACKPOT}; & a bag of Rold Gold pretzels. 

GT Fish & Oyster. Monkfish with saffron rice, shellfish ragout, & sausage; clam chowder {as Drake says, "best I ever had"}; fried oyster po' boy sliders. 

Coalfire Pizza. Build your own pie {we do white pizza with pepperoni}; cheap wine {$32 Montepulciano is money}. 

Kai Zan. Angry crab handroll; escolar pearls {nuggets of glory}; whatever Melvin & Carlo want to create for you {hint: be nice. Hint hint: they like beer}. 

JP Graziano. Tuna sub with hot giardiniera {the best tuna salad on planet earth}; the Graziano family {they're the sweetest}. 

Salero. Grilled octopus with fried olives & pickled mustard seeds; roasted pheasant breast with dark meat croquette {that croquette could move mountains}; flan {a borderline sexual experience}. 

Nico Osteria. Crudos {we'd eat them every day if we could afford it}; braised sturgeon with artichokes & creme fraiche {a frontrunner for best thing we ate in 2014}; basque cake {perhaps the number one spot}. 

Green Street Smoked Meats. Hot links {damn good sausage}; sliced brisket; $5 glasses of wine. 

Sun Wah BBQ. Duck {we don't often give one word answers, but when we do... it's duck}. 

TWO. Duck fat potato croquettes {bomb}; duck egg fettuccine with duck confit & cracklins. 

Bavette's Bar & Boeuf. King crab {treat yoself}; bread & butter {it's all you may be able to afford after the king crab but hey, at least it's fantastic}; peppermint ice cream with milk chocolate magic shell. 

Pequod's. Anything with a crispy cheese crust; meatballs {a low-carb alternative so delicious you'll hardly miss the 'za...}. Hungry Tip: They deliver, but give 'em at least 2 hours. 

Twisted Spoke. Cheeseburger; bloody mary {a meal in itself}; chilaquiles. 

Paramount Room. Wagyu burger; tempura green beans {gluten free for those who care}; cocktails {they know their sh*t}. 

Iguana Cafe. Cheap, good wine {for ex. Skouras, Greece, $22/bottle}; European dream waffle {Belgian waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, nutella, cinnamon, & honey... nothing shy of orgasmic}. 

Billy Sunday. Cocktails {especially those made with house-made tonics}; crab dip with pepper jelly & cheddar; steak tartare with yolk & mustard chips. 

Cemitas Puebla. Carne asada cemita {duh}; taco cecina {cured steak--salty & delicious}. 

Charlatan. Focaccia; black pepper rigatoni {though you should try as many pastas as you possibly can}. 

Parson's Chicken & Fish. Pimento toast; grilled amish chicken; boozy slushies {there is a god}. 

La Scarola. Meat lasagna; linguini with clams; tequila {say hi to Armando}. 

Parachute. Boudin noir {the queen of blood sausage}; butcher's steak with miso & blue cheese pearls. 

Balena. Rigatoni with pork ragu; cacio e pepe; brussels sprout pizza. 

Avec. Chorizo-stuffed bacon-wrapped medjool dates {a no brainer}; deluxe focaccia; nutter butters {get ready for childhood flashbacks}. 

Lula Cafe. Beet bruschetta; roasted chicken; carrot cake. 

Au Cheval. Cheeseburger {beyond worthy of the praise}; chopped chicken liver with salted butter & toast. 

Publican. Spicy pork rinds; farm chicken with summer sausage & frites. 

Quartino. Roasted baby octopus; orecchiette with fennel-sausage ragu; cheap wine by the carafe {hell yes}.  

Girl & the Goat. Pork shank; hiramasa crudo; butterscotch budino. Hungry Tip: Sit at the bar. Sure, reservations are booking months in advance but you can likely get seated within 20 minutes if you grab a drink. 

Macello. Baked cavatelli with bolognese & mozzarella {so cozy}; fried calamari. 

Naha. Mezze platter; beef burger {sitting at the bar and enjoying these rustic dishes in their elegant setting is one of our favorite things to do}. 

Sepia. House made charcuterie; duck fat fries. 

Hot Chocolate. Pretzel; hamburger; doughnuts {that Mindy Segal knows her fried dough}. 

Big Star. Tacos; chips & guac {guacamole is flawless}; margarita. 

Grange Hall Burger Bar. Bloody mary {one of the best}; the simple man {killer pork sausage}. 

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits. Pie & coffee {a balanced breakfast if you ask us}; biscuit with seasonal jam. 

Athena. Char-broiled octopus; gyro plate. 

Veneno De Nayarit. Prawns nayarit style {the messier the merrier}. 

Acadia. Lobster roll; Acadia burger {the bar menu is where it's at}. 

The Gage. Fish & chips; scotch egg. 

Maude's Liquor Bar. Shrimp cocktail {best, ever}; roast farm chicken {Brendan Sodikoff is a roast chicken ninja}; cocktails {it is a liquor bar after all}. 

Piccolo Sogno. Griglia mista; frutti di mare; braised beef shortribs. 

Eataly. Assorted meat & cheese board {killer deal, too}; grilled octopus with celery & fingerlings; all carbs {you really can't go wrong}. Hungry Tip: Grab a package or two of your favorite meats & eat them while enjoying wine in whatever section your little heart desires. 

Belly Q/Urban Belly. Lemongrass chicken fried rice {the best}; Thai style fried chicken. 

Fat Rice. Fat noodle; potstickers {not what you grew up with}; braised sweet & sour pork belly. 

Xoco. Ahogada; cubana; shortrib red chile soup. 

90 Miles Cuban Cafe. Stuffed peppers; avocado salad; grilled skirt steak. Pro tip: Awesome BYOB spot for larger parties {6-10}. 


{in no particular order}